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Roodkhan Castle

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This castle largest castle Government and military Gilan

20 kilometers southwest of fouman in Lush wooded heights appreciable part of the city in the southwestern province of Gilan, The remains of bastions and huge glaring solemnity and firmness that every visitor Is fascinated. This historic castle that was long the center of Gilan rulers Is the largest and the biggest of all military forts and even Iran’s Gilan. The area of the castle, over 50 thousand square meters and a height of 600 meters at the highest point of the mountain Is located. Some experts have attributed to the Sassanian period the foundation of the castle. The castle has been rebuilt during the reign of the Seljuks and the campaign bases Ismailis Acted. To get to the castle after crossing and passing through villages Fooman Excursions, Krdmhlh, Black cache, Shams talents, Goorab then, Hvls com, Sayed Abad and Ghalehroodkhan to Heydar Alat village comes from the village to the castle is about 5 km away. Now more distance in China and along the gravel stone forest park design Is.
For the first time in 1830 AD Alexander Shvdzkv “Khchkv” Researchers Lhstanyalasl Gilan noticed when researching the castle and in his notes Location It has recorded. Ghalehroodkhan He writes: “fortress on top of a mountain The upper part of a river of the same name, is a stone roof and side entrance has two towers Is solid defensively and on the carved inscription over the entrance of the castle for The first time in 918 to 921 AD. BC. For Hessamoddin Sultan bin Amir Amir Dbaj Aladdin Eshaghi be rebuilt.