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Quran Gate


Quran Gate in Shiraz, one of the gates of the remains of ancient times is nowadays considered as one of the city’s monuments
Quran Gate in the northeast of Shiraz in tight Allahu Akbar between the mountains and the mountain forty Babakvhy position, and in fact in output towards the city of Shiraz Shiraz is located.
This monument is located next to the gate Tavusiyeh Shiraz. Quran Gate in less than ten meters from the tomb of khajavi Kermani and also less than five hundred meters Jahan Nama Garden and less than a thousand yards mausoleum of Persian poet Hafez Shirazi and garden facing the world
The gate was originally built in the reign of CAdud Deilami Quran was placed to travelers passing beneath it are blessed.
Karim Khan Zand period restored the gates and the room above it and two copies of the Koran great added exquisite, the line Timurid Shahrukh Sultan Ibrahim bin, put it in the upper chamber. This proves that the “Quran seventeen I” known, has now been moved to the Pars Museum Quran Gate. Quran Gate in the Qajar period due to the occurrence of earthquakes damaged the optic Mohammad Zaki Khan to be repaired. It has been called the Koran vault. The first day of each month out of the city and pass under the arch of the building Mykrdhand.drsal 1315 on the orders of Reza Khan, was destroyed. Solar Quran Gate in 1328 with the efforts of businessmen known as Shiraz in the name of Haj Hussein Aygar trust traders, not far from the old gate was built. A new gateway in larger sizes, including sharp arch openings and two small opening on Jrz · hay sides and a rectangular room was built over it to put the Quran. In this building, the third line and abrogated verses from the Koran written Koran around at the gate. In 1316 Hijri, two manuscript Quran in it was moved to the Pars Museum, which is still kept in the museum