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Qal’eh Dokhtar


The building in the mountains Padena in the Strait Tangab impregnable fortress palace built by Ardashir I of Sassanid Empire and marks the advent of the great Sassanid and Parthian government is declining. The castle in the city of Artaxerxes or Ardashir finally made the grave leprosy or city. Artaxerxes at the time of Artabanus V (last Parthian king) With the city Ardeshir-khoreh Parthian government declared its independence from the (at the time of the old city building, coinage and was regarded as a declaration of independence) and the proclamation of independence campaign of attacks by the government. As a result, the city and the surrounding fortifications have been designed so that it can survive the invasion of the Parthian state, and also because of its distance from the city should be a place for rest the king is in the fortress of For this reason the considered as House the fortress of taken. Ardeshir with the construction of the castle, fort, makes a strong defense to protect the first capital of the Sassanid state

Appellation: This is a general name that was more castles. Castle until the integrity, virginity and her virginity is preserved achievable due to its pristine dubbed the girl was not

Materials: The Castle Like most buildings in the Sassanid era for faster construction of mortar, plaster and rubble stone was used. Because they do not have brick rubble stone problems, but also to build such tall buildings and great skill in the use of these materials bring Sassanid architecture

The castle from three directions North, West and southern mountain cliff and is surrounded by high impenetrable bulwark against every rock and tall watchtowers built in the East. With a distance of over one kilometer from the castle walls that prevent is drawn solid rock. The only way into the palace fort of the south with a staircase that mountain cliff addition, multiple layers of fortification walls and towers with guards for nesting is possible. The ramp input so that the military can not enter it with horses

Castle girls three main areas: 1) Security: includes a chamber that guards could not control the entry and exit through Tyrksh (the holes as small as only a soldier could put your head on them with weapons take your shot) or places where there could be shooting to enemy fire

2) rooms for the accommodation of troops there around the yard. Today, only the walls remaining. Roof collapsed, but the Parthian and Sassanid architectural style arched must have been

3) already today via stairs and ramps, can be accessed on the porch with arched roof where the roof has collapsed today. Behind the house is the porch of a dome (Dome of the Rock) that stands today. The dome and Ivan accommodation Ardeshir, the founder of Sassanid dynasty. In this area there is a bed while a thick circular wall of the dome protected. From this we can conclude that not just the military function and location was an important person or the king