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Three kilometers north of Persepolis , the right side of the road to Isfahan goes, there’s little room back there in the mountain recesses, motifs of Ardashir and Shapur I sculpt, and this place is called Naqsh-e Rajab . The reason for this name is no reason for the time being but local fame, the Forsat-al-Dawla opportunity Ajam works written in the book that they read it the role of hero

Naqsh-e Rajab works of three prominent role: the face reliefs of Ardashir shows that the monarchy symbolizes the epitome of Mazda takes place, in the middle of the two children can be seen that one apparently Crown Prince, and other carriers Shahriari’s wand. Behind Ahura Mazda, the two women had been respected, the flapper is behind Ardeshir eunuchs and Alyqdrtry character, too, had to stand the strain. A little further back, out of eight of the picture Kartir, famous and powerful priest first dynasty Sassanid Pahlavi seem to respect the joint inscription; Pahlavi inscriptions have been engraved damaged in the Near Ardeshir the translation of the readable content of which is: “the religion of Zoroaster was gone I Shahnshahm have it restored.” Two other reliefs, the image of Shapur I, son of Ardashir track: the right side, the symbol of Ahura Mazda on horseback indicates that the monarchy to give Shapour on horseback. On the left side, Shapur horseback and 9 of the elders stood behind him, a sign of great families and Espahbodan on hats spotted a few of them. Naqsh-e Rajab works on 24 Persian date Shahrivar 1310 solar Iran was registered under number 22 in the national index