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Khajavi Kermani tomb

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Mahmoud bin Ali bin Mahmoud is a known poets of the eighth century AH – “Kamaloddin Abvalta”- and the lyrics to “Khajoo” was the pseudonym. He was born in 689 AH in Kerman, Kerman has left the country at a young age and came to Shiraz. Khajoo in the year 753 AH at the age of 64 died in Shiraz

Quran gate of the great poet in the western part of the Qur’an is Allah Akbar and overlooking the gates. Khajoo on top of the tomb, gravestone there is no inscription on it yet, but on top of that verse from the Koran to the third line on its stone carvings. Low overhead and monuments, two stone columns is small. Slightly above the tomb, there are three caves. One of the caves and other places of worship and austerity Khajoo been Zahedan. In one of the caves, the tomb of Khwaja Imad al-Din Mahmoud, Minister Shah Abu Ishaq Injo is known. On the left side of the cave, the altar stone and can be seen on the side of the cave role of Rustam war on the orders of Ayatollah Mirza carved in 1218 AH