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Jahan nema garden


Jahan Nama Garden, one of the oldest gardens of Shiraz, near thetomb of hafez , who in the past has been Peninsula is located Jafar and preparedness. In Dynasty Muzaffarids and Injuids under and around the garden and lush plains and has been very prosperous. The garden is now on a side street quran gate is located

As in other famous gardens of Eram garden facing the world and cheery garden and the garden beds in the al-Muzaffar Book and Injuids, before the onslaught of Timur to Shiraz, the building was. ARABSHAH historian Ibn Al-Dunya called the Timurid period in Wonderland ornament the garden is possible

Timur Jahan Nama Garden when staying in Shiraz, as well as other famous gardens of the period considered, so that the garden around Samarkand as his main home was built and it was called Jahan Nama. Garden Shiraz world view in Safavid period  was important