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The tomb of the great Iranian poet Hafez Hafeziyeh also known that Shiraz is the most visited place every year, many domestic and foreign tourists visit it

Khajeh Shamseddin Mohammad Hafez Shirazi, (d. 792 AH) was born in Shiraz, Iran, poet and lyricism, but the exact date of his birth is not known and between 720 and 729 it is estimated AH

Tomb of Hafez in the north of the city, the lower the Quran Gate in Shiraz, one of the famous cemetery called “soil preparedness” is. Hafeziyeh area of 2 ha and the second floor of the North and South formed the floor of the hall are separated from each other. This set of four entrance – exit the main doors on the south side, two doors and a door on the West side it is located in the North East

Hall Hafeziyeh the period of the Zand, 56 meters long and 8 meters wide and 20 columns, each of which has a height of 5 meters. The Community already contains 4 columns and 4 rooms later rooms of the range it has been deleted. On the East and West Hall 2 rooms (one belongs to the cultural heritage and one of the bureau’s Tomb) there. Zandi Achaemenid periods and the architectural style of the hall

The isolated location of the tomb of Hafez very beautiful place with tall trees and colorful flower gardens and walkways and scenic place for refreshment