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Estakhr city

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Estakhr of the largest cities of its time, and according to historians have four gates that today, one of them cornering Arsanjan dilemma is evaluated and the other in the south have been evaluated by the current

Seven kilometers ruins of Persepolis, the ruins of the city Estakhr known as the “Peacock Throne” is. Remaining of the city, including stone gates, columns and walls of stone that belonged to the Achaemenid era. In this city, remnants of the Islamic structures, Sassanid and Parthian and porcelain and works of the early centuries AD it was discovered. City water Estakhr is laid Sivand supply. City Estakhr 5 BC and 10 years old then and saw Coronations and festivals and great glory, and hundreds of thousands have been settled

This city by the end of the Sassanid king of Persia in the most prosperous, but was destroyed by Alexander the Great and later conquered by Arabs, and because of successive uprisings of the people (of the year 23 to year 29 AH) has been conquered and its people were massacred, after which it remained only ruins. And the displacement of people and destruction of the boom in Shiraz city