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Eram Garden


Eram Garden Shiraz is one of the most famous gardens in the north of Shiraz, Eram is located in the street. Background The garden dates back to the Seljuk era and of all time has been standing Injuids. During the Zand dynasty, Karim Khan Zand was taken in building and enhancing the garden
Zand and Qajar period beginning at the end of the garden for 75 years was Qashqaees leaders. In the days of King Shah Qajar, Hsnlykhan Nsyralmlk, it laid down a beautiful building but with his death in 1311 AH, her niece Abvalqasmkhan (Nsyralmlk II) took over the garden and the building was completed almost finished and it’s your uncle remains properly completed so far

This valuable monument Haj Mohammad Hassan, a prominent architect Qajar era building. After that garden owners because of the debt was held by the government and was transferred to Shiraz University. The garden in between from 1345 to 1350 and renovated in 1359 solar solar Botanical Garden was transformed

The most prominent feature of this building is a two-storey central patio. In the upper part of the building, there is a crescent on it Tile designs include historical figures, literary and mythical beauty that has been exhibited. Among these characters, including the king on a white horse, Prophet Solomon (AS), Joseph and stories of Ferdowsi and military and pointed out the role of Darius the Great. On Azarhhay mansion, poems of Sadi, Hafez Shirazi and conspired to hieroglyphics Mirza Ali Naqi, the Qajar era calligrapher’s work