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Delgoosha garden


Delgoosha garden near the tomb of Saadi and is located on West Garden Street. The garden close to the mountain fortress of the port, has led some researchers, the history of the garden to the ancient times of day. The extent of 5.7 hectares of beautiful garden with promenade, is Shiraz

Garden delights in Safavid and Nadir Shah Afshar,verdurous has been in rebellion Taqikhani, ruler of Shiraz in 1150 AH, the more cheery gardens of Shiraz, including garden, I was devastated. Karim Khan Zand and renovated the garden instead of destroyed trees, tree planting again. After she Age of athletes, and at the end of the reign of Fath Ali Shah Qajar garden improvement in 1236 AH, Prince Reza Quli Mirza, ruler of the Persian garden was purchased from an owner of rehabilitation, a magnificent palace build on that. He named the palace “fin” or “kolahfarangi” said

Mirza Mirza Ali Akbar Khan and his son after him Qvamalmlk Fthlykhan the Court in the year 1266 AH the garden and its buildings were rebuilt. He and five bathrooms in the East Garden of the orange trees, a few palm trees and a variety of ornamental flowers in a crop Jahromy kings. The garden is still in the hands of the family since the Court Qvamalmlk Shiraz and last owner of the garden, Ms. Sun Hat Ghavami known as “Lqa’aldvlh” She was Qvamalmlk. Solar in 1348 the municipality bought it and now everyone is used as a public garden