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Darabgerd city


It is one of the oldest cities of the world and its history is more than 2,500 years. Darabgerd one of five city states of ancient Persia in Iran, meaning the only city founded by Darius the Great Darius city is not, but perhaps the first circular monument erected to him that his name on it of the institution

Style building in the city is derived from the ancient cities of ancient Mesopotamia. The remaining wall around the city and still some remains of buildings including palaces and castles ruler of the city center is seen on a mountaintop. City building Darabgerd based on some historical narratives attributed to D. Kay Bahman Kiani’s son

Darabgerd its circular plan of urbanization of West Asia and has been adapted to protect the city have dug a moat around it. The city wall is about 6 km

According to historians and geographers old Darabgerd in the sixth century AH was very prosperous and booming, but the effect is devastating attacks and civil war injuries and destruction and displacement of people after Darabgerd tight Rnbh Vybsr to the current location of Darab departure they do

Darabgerd salt dome or Darabjrd in the middle of lush plains and vast Academy is brought through the ground. The salt mountain is the center of the ancient city wall ring Darabgerd it is derived. The collection of ancient tourism – one of the unique geology of attractive, spectacles Zagros Basin in Fars province is

The historic city of Darabgerd first capital of ancient Persia’s Sassanian dynasty and one of the oldest cities dating back to the Achaemenid era is so. Among the vast and fertile plains that time Academy because of the security situation and the importance of the city has been built round and round in the Iranian plateau to the first row is considered

On the wall of a huge cone of clay and lime stone and mortar that made it to the height of over 10 meters. This wall has been eroded over time and it is now the height of about 7 meters

Sticky matter of mortar and flowers used in walls, causing more than 2,500 years after the destruction of the wall remain low and stable standing

A large ditch behind the wall protecting the city had established that difficult access to the city Mykrdhast in case of danger. The depth of the trench more than 10 meters and a width of about 50 meters was that this part has been eroded

The continuous ditch full of water, and according to historians in that it plants around the people who entered the ditch was recurrently Mypychydh and they have been prevented from swimming. Required water moat surrounding rivers, including the wing was provided

The historic town flourished during the Achaemenian period was regional. Apparently, this area had initially ruled by the Ryamnh. During the Seleucid and Parthian kings province Darabgerd a semi-independent state that is supposed to obey the ruler of Persia

The last emir Darabgerd aging Parthians and then his name will dominate the city of Ardashir and then control is established over Iran Sasanian Empire. In this respect Darabgerd Sassanid was the first seat of government

Darabgerd in the Sassanid era had great importance and historical Aksrasar this city belong to this period. Mint great was established in Darabgerd been active in Islamic times. The city is conquered by the Arabs in AD 23 and the government is that the Arab commanders

It was built in the fifth century AD, but in this period because of the massive invasion and destruction Dcharasyb Seljuk and current city residents to the new zone in the East called migration Rambeh drawn tight and after the invasion of the Seljuks to the new zone will inevitably lead to the current location Darab their departure