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Bishapour is a city of magnificent ancient city in Fars province and is located Kazeroon. Bishapoor City Sassanid Shapur I and after the victory of the Roman emperor Valerian, he ordered good weather in the area on the way to Persepolis to build a city of Ctesiphon. (The road at the time of the Achaemenids, the cities of Persepolis and pool Susa was connected to) and to reflect the architecture of the ancient Syrians called Pasay (Apasay) was chosen to build a new city.Bishapour two hundred hectares, the major cities and the importance it has been linked. The city’s oldest cities with a history of making it available is written in stone. In the history books, the city’s name with titles Bishapour, Bishabor, Shapur, Byshavr and “Andyvshapvr” is written. Bishapoor City, the state capital was Ardshyrkhvrh grills and in the North West of opioid opioid to Nour has been on the road and in good weather and has been designed and engineered especially at that time. . Bishabor city was designed in rectangular four gates and two streets that intersected with each other. One of the streets in the north to the south and the East to the West and each one of the gates of the city ushered in the end of the lace. Western Gate, the main entrance to the city was. In the middle of the city where two streets intersect two columns which have been considered as a symbol of the city and the birth town and city building has been written about the inscription on one of them. There are two columns in front of the fireplace to light the fire was first to be seen at night, but then the column has been used as an altar. In front of a stone base that is already sculpted the statue of Shapur on it, but right now no one’s aware of it. (Josh is lucky still) Bishapour to the seventh century AD, the prosperous and residential been and so it has been destroyed and now it inherited ruins

Bishapour town consists of two main parts

Royal Citadel consists of indicators such as Temple, Shapur formalities hall, porch flooring and Valerian House

Populated public area including residential houses, baths, caravanserais and markets

Bishapour by mountains, the river, the walls of the castle and moat laid protected

The main gate was opened to tight polo by two castles (male and female) were protected. Castle girl on the right side of the goal, and the city full of nobility, which (Mirage Qandil also located at the foot of it) now works a little of it is left. Castle polo guy on the left side and the other side of the valley to the top of the mountain was steep and as a complement to the castle, she was considered to be impermeable and caused the city against invaders