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Arg-e Karim Khan Zand


Between 1766 and 1767 AD was performed organ Karim Khan the best architects of his time used to build it. He is also the best preparation and construction materials from within and outside the country quickly finished. The building at the Zand period as the government and local governors in the Qajar period was used as a location. Abdul Hussain Mirza Persian ruler, ordered the reconstruction of the miniatures in the building

Building design

Citadel building is a combination of architecture and military housing. Part in the van Citadel with a porch and painted rooms, fountain and gardens of special elegance. Three sides of the North, South and West, each with a veranda and six residential rooms on either side of it. East side of the shower is private and service facilities

What Citadel fort computer, including the moat was dug around it once the building had a defensive role. Thick walls at the base of 3 meters and 8.2 meters high. Tower height is 15 meters and were built of brick

One of the organ computer towers of the citadel-like tower of Pisa is tilted to the was considered the tourist attractions of Shiraz. The tower is tilting stop process engineering is important