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Ardeshir Sassanid palace

This ancient monument was built by Ardashir the founder of Sassanid dynasty and the early works of Sassanid architecture is located in the village called Temple.Ardeshir Palace as the most important and the most massive monument 2 km from the town of Firozabad know that in Firuzabad and built with rubbles and mortar, plaster, decorative plaster used in. It also includes colored interior.Ardashir Palace near the entrance to this large construction Tangab next spring, the first monument Sassanid arch is significant.
Some believe the monument House fire was not a reason for their belief, belief that Mithraism important monument that was built next to the water goddess Anahita and the seal is a place for worship, as would be.
On the other ancient monuments around this House will be behind the palace kitchen building, Tel Nqarkhanh in the vicinity of the palace and fortress of Hassan Abad and some other ancient villages noted.Jafar Zadeh also building within the old city that remains of the patriarch or very interesting tombstones, one of which has a history of 741.AH, are noteworthy.
The building’s most interesting buildings are the Sassanid era architecture. It can be left to the remains of a row of buildings in bed ward, opioid, and sarvestan Yazdkhasti noted