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Afif Abad Garden

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On the west side of Shiraz, Shiraz is one of the oldest and most beautiful gardens, which is currently one of the largest museums of weapons held by the army and placed in the Middle East.in it there. In fact, Afif Abad perfect model of Iranian art is the flower business. Mirza Ali Khan Ghavamolmolk second building was constructed in 1284 AH. Afif Abad include a Royal Palace Museum, the Museum of ancient weapons and is a Persian garden gives tours of the collection is open to the public. The architecture of the set to be the main entrance on the north side of the garden. Plaster capitals as well as in the capitals of Persepolis bed is in the garden. On either side of the entrance corridor, Hjrhay built to accommodate the crew. The ceiling of this hall with beautiful wooden frame and covered. The hallway is painted forehead with seven tiles. Golshan garden in a two-storey building is located in the center of the garden. The entrance door is located on the north side of the beautiful loggia and portico with a few stairs to the second floor is connected. On the south side of the building also built a ladder to go to the second floor. It has thirty rooms and hall.