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Tomb of Sheikh Moshrofaldyn Moslohaldyn seventh century poet Sa’di of Shiraz was born in the year 606 AH and died in 695 AH in Shiraz

His tomb in Shiraz and Fahandezh on a hillside, the park is located down the street. It was his first Shaykh monastery where he spent the end of his life and where he is also buried. For the first time in the seventh century by Khwaja Saheb Divan Minister Shamseddin Mohammad famous Abaqa, a tomb was built over the tomb of Saadi year 998 AH Jacob sentence Zulkadir, the Persian ruler, Sheikh monastery was destroyed and traces of it remain , so that in 1187 AH on the orders of Karim Khan Zand, plaster and brick mansion was built over the tomb of Sheikh had two floors

The lower floor has a hallway, the stairs on the second floor from where they began. Krsydar two rooms were built on both sides of the aisle. In the room where the eastern side of the corridor, was the tomb of Saadi and the miracles wooden surround it. Western part of the corridor parallel to the east, consists of two chambers, which later conspired (Fasih-ul-Mulk) blind poet was buried in Shiraz in the western room. The top floor of the building as well as the lower floor, with the difference being that the tomb of Saadi was there on the East Room, in honor of Sheikh room was not the size of two-story ceiling height