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Saint George Church

Saint George Church in 1819 AD by family Vadyan of 1235 AH, the prominent Armenian family living in Bushehr, and with the help of other Christians in the city of Bushehr on relatively broad, including British residents in the neighborhood Shanbadi the city was built. The church is located in the main building of rectangular ground plan is similar to a cross. With an courtyards on either side of the church was dedicated to bury the dead.

Since the establishment until 1948 the church was active until the death of Mlkvmyan, a prominent Armenian Bushehr, other influential Armenians in Bushehr does not exist and therefore all objects and church property was transferred to Isfahan Vank Cathedral. In 1974, followed by the establishment of several other Armenian families, Armenian church in Bushehr staff by sending objects needed to be repaired and reactivated, but over the last few years it was no longer a church activity.

The church building is designed symmetrically in a cross seen from above. The Forum includes communities, altar, altar and two rooms on either side of the corridor on both sides of the board. No church bell tower and two metal bells of the church were to cross over the northern corridor. The large auditorium in the past and present revolution has been going to the streets in 1340 with plans to build the road axis north – south to the sea, old, partly destroyed and part of the yard facing the street became a commercial complex.

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Church’s social hall, which is the largest segment of about twelve meters long and eight meters wide. The ceiling of this hall with wooden bridges with a length of 8 meters with sub Chndlhay that are connected to the longitudinal beam is covered. Seven wooden beams that form the upper part of the tree is decorated beautifully with roof strength help. The most important and most beautiful part of the church’s altar by stairs that are located symmetrically on either side of the hall is connected. It is composed of three sides of a square arches and from the West (Southwest) is the Open Forum. By the upper part of the octagonal corner and then become circular altar covered with a dome placed on it.

Looking abandoned church in the years after the revolution and due to wet weather area, the church has a lot of speed to the destruction of institutions and much of the roof and dome, had collapsed. Now the building is being renovated by the Heritage Foundation and the roof and dome have been restored to their original form.