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Malek Mansion

The property is about 100 years old mansion buildings in an avalanche near the city of Bushehr is located. Floor area of ​​4000 square meters and was built in the Qajar period by French architect with local materials and doors and windows are made under the supervision of French engineers. Mansion belonging to one of the wealthy Bushehr Bushehr Mohammad Mehdi Malek merchandise has been one of the big businessmen. The palace was occupied by the British invaders and it was a military base. After years of deployment in the House of bankrupt property traders (the original owner of the palace) for its exquisite bought at low prices and with them.  Reza Shah the building, which was in the military dormitory and rebuilt several times after the destruction of the institution and unfortunately due to the large extent Do not repair the type and style of building and architectural style of the two centuries before the Persian Gulf that Bangladesh is known and it has a side effect of shielding, Barrow and partly alcove for a couple Ivan and rooms Moscow straw.
Mlkaltjar in one of his business trips to Paris and met with a Frenchman fascinated by his house. The architects of the building and adding their demands, to build this magnificent building.