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Pug art can be considered the most beautiful crafts and authentic city which thankfully was making eye development in the city. This art can be harmonious fusion of art metalwork and Ngarhgry. The emergence of this art and of course it is not so clear, but examples of this art in Seljuk period have been achieved and flourishing of this art form in the Safavid era. The prime object of interest (plates, vases, etc.) on a piece Mesin that mode. Object to the manhole cover are made of enamel and performing artist starts painting on glazed object, such as turquoise favorite colors soon, Lajvardi and the object’s Green adorn. Book artist ready to grill sends up to 800 ° C in temperature paint on metal armatures intrusion pug art, enamels and paints made from minerals. Metal oxide provides a very favorable manner the artist’s favorite colors: yellow, chromium oxide, tin oxide, white, blue cobalt oxide, manganese oxide purple and other colors in this way from the theoretical metal oxide is provided. In most objects pug, color format, the same blue color that flowers and plant motifs, flowers and birds and decorated country today is sometimes known monuments. Artists strive every day to create innovations in the art. Thus we see that relief also added pug art and the beauty of this art is added doubles.