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Hamadan crafts, is as old as ancient history. Hamadan crafts, are the spiritual heritage of the province. In addition to historical monuments, handicrafts, Hamadan, attracted the attention of domestic and foreign tourists. In addition to domestic reputation, his language is also at the international level and for export. Hamadan carpet weaving handicrafts, leather, carpet weaving is Mrvarbafy and the Shoemaker, and, most importantly, pottery and ceramics can be noted Lalejin.

Other crafts of the city include:

  • Woodcarving
  • Burl
  • Coppersmith
  • Etching
  • Masonry
  • Inlay
  • Silver tattoo

In bazaars and crafts markets around the monuments of Hamedan what most glaring, clay objects, in different colors and designs that everyone seems to attract. Perhaps the art of making clay items, one of the first art taught that human life, thereby making the needed supplies. Hamedan Lalejin in the field of pottery dating back more than 700 years. This beautiful objects can be found in the city of Hamedan as a souvenir from a trip to Hamadan, take your mobile. Dish, paintings, sculptures, ceramics combined with other arts such as wood, wood, Enamels and … the works is to be seen. Hamedan Lalejin pottery can be divided into two parts the first part of what 70 years ago was produced that is different in terms of shape and size and more beautiful markings drawn on the plan. The second part goes back to 30 years ago, what was built was simple in color white was seen occasionally in the Chinese style. To get better acquainted with the art of pottery Hamadan I suggest you visit the museum of pottery in one of the old quarters of Hamedan, in mind.