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stew Behaloo(Quince&Plum)

stew Behaloo(Quince&Plum) another of Yazd province is the traditional cuisine. The combination of materials such as plum, sweet and sour interesting and incredibly delicious gourmet food to give. This stew is among the foods touching because by combining some sugar, a little can of pickled plum flavor cartridges and instead created a smoother user experience. Bhalv tempting scent, many fans around Yazd province has its own. The people of this beautiful province with a combination of materials such as: plums, peas, onion, oil, leg of lamb or veal brain, turmeric, saffron, to, tomato paste, sugar, lemon juice, black pepper and ginger have prepared the food delicious and fragrant. We recommend that special cook the stew in autumn is lovely, traveled to the desert town of Yazd try and taste it.