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Hearing the word qotab, involuntarily Yazd historical texture image in my mind would close. Vsfnshdny this extraordinary gourmet food products, powdered sugar when you take a piece of it, sits on the fingers and dipping a finger in the mouth for degustation HIS UNIQUE taste, is delicious and lovely. One of the most famous and most popular traditional sweets turnover in Yazd province will cook. The products in both traditional Yazdi and Honey is made by the people of this province. Yazdi turnover of two parts: the outer layer of the brain known interior. The outer layer of bread which is fried in abundant oil and wheat flour, milk, yogurt and egg yolk is formed. Yazdi women artists, this layer After frying, the sugar Myghltannd. Inside the brain of a mixture of almond flour, sugar and cardamom powder is prepared. Honey is also a small difference turnover and its turnover Yazdi is a substance that is used as a sweetener.qotab in the preparation of honey instead of sugar, use honey. Most people in Yazd province, this delicacy and exquisite freshly brewed cup of tea when evening comes, they desire.