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Yazd foods & sweetnes


Yazd province because of being in the world dry belt of hot, dry summers and winters are cold and wet. Special food so follow the style that is compatible with the climate and weather, will not be far from the imagination. Beautiful and lovely people of this province seasons with a variety of foods and sweets are famous for serving delectable each according to weather and humidity or dry air to prepare and cook.

Food variety in the diet of many people and beautiful desert province of Yazd There are a variety of cuisines, including tasty foods considered. Types of soup, such as soup Shuli, wheat porridge (halim), mung bean soup, turnip soup, cabbage soup, Sambousak soup, lentil soup, pumpkin soup, plum soup, soup verjuice, pomegranate soup, vegetable soup, as well as foods such as qeymeh nokhod(Pea), Qalyeh pumpkin and stew Behaloo(Quince&Plum)، examples of traditional dishes that families will cook Yazd province.