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Shirazi Polou

Rice is the main food in the diet of our people there. With rice polou with different styles of cooking and preparation method, has led to indigenous and traditional foods in the cities and provinces of the country. kateh shirazi including traditional foods is a province and as the name implies, is dedicated to the city also has many fans. Polowi own people Shiraz Shiraz for making rice, chicken, saffron, oil, butter, yogurt without water, eggplant, barberry, egg, cumin, salt, pepper and turmeric used. Usually this delectable and nutritious food to the people of this province with yogurt, salad greens and consume Shirazi. Dishes are prepared in different ways in different parts of the country and according to the taste of family members can remove some of the raw materials or other ingredients added to it. Nutrition experts say, the best type of rice, rice is rice that all its existing properties will be maintained.