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Esfandi poulo

One of the traditional dishes and local Fars province, city Abade, Table Esfandi called for making use of several types of cereal. It usually cooks traditional food in early March with lentils, beans, peas, mung beans, powdered cloves, spices Polowi (dried roses, powder, cumin, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg powder Hindi and cardamom), onions, mutton with bone, rice, barley, wheat, black pepper, butter, salt and oil Kermanshah (animal fats), their cook. According to family members can taste different types of beans used. There is one other point about the food, interesting variety of soup and Sholehy Esfandi to prepare it and watered the sheep bone is used and is known to Esfandi soup. Interesting flavors with seasonings Polowi several crops together, it seems very interesting and pleasant. We should not ignore nutritional benefits of cereal.