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(For Dampokhtak) lentils and cabbage

As you know, a variety of different foods by rice, prepare and cook it. Some of these foods, a variety of Demi (food rice for the rice preparation), which is due gourmet flavor and preserve nutrients in rice, Dame enjoys great popularity among women. Dmpkht lentils and cabbage, local food for the province and its consumption due to the presence beans such as lentils and vegetables such as kale is very useful and necessary for the body. The tempting aroma of this native food aside, the taste and appearance Ashthaavrsh seem interesting and delicious. Wittiness women in Fars province by combining materials such as: rice, lentils, onions, kale, carrots, tarragon, dill, basil, oil, salt, turmeric and pepper and cook the local food along with their family members desire. Of the things that can be applied to cook lentils and cabbage Dmpkht noted, the use of garlic in the winter is a lovely flavor to this dish will give.