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Coriander dumplings Shirazi

HIS UNIQUE meatballs and diversity, not only in Iran but throughout the world is also of great importance. Countries such as Turkey, Armenia and Arabic countries, including areas that can of food as the main feed and common name. This delectable and delicious food in Fars province also has its many fans. Khvshtr and high-energy food that they can eat a variety of pickles, salt, bakery and in a word, lovely taste, touch is clearly felt. Goodwife women in Fars province by combining materials such as: coriander, flour, chickpea flour, meat, rice, onion, salt, pepper, turmeric, tomatoes, tomato paste, cinnamon oil and the food they prepare and cook traditional dishes and wonderful. They believe that coriander is one of the substances that can be considered as it serves thirst. It is also useful herbs for nausea, convenient and comforting and refreshing carminative properties due to stomach for people who suffer from such problems, will be very useful.