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Ash sabzi(vegetable soup)

Including local and traditional foods Fars province, interesting and unique variety of luscious and Fragrant that are not only unique taste and aroma, they also pointed to nutrient-top. Soup, vegetable, food is the best known, most popular among families, yet beautiful and historic city of Shiraz, is a common and frequently cook and eat. It seems that this traditional dish and very old, often used as votive cook.Fragrant oral, tasty and nutritious that women goodwife the city with meat, Half a grain of rice, White beans, vegetables, leek, tarragon, salt, pepper, onion, lentils, chickpeas, oil and cinnamon to prepare and cook them. Consultants vegetable soup with fried onion Shiraz, juice and bread is served. When we recommend a visit to the city, the food delicious and nutritious produce and lovely flavors and terrific fun. Enjoy your meal…