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Ash mast(Yogurt soup)

In the diet of people in different parts of the country, yet local presence  diverse, abundant and there is a considerable scale. One thing that is interesting and important, certain indigenous and traditional food is jointly owned by geographic regions is different. May only produce light or some chefs cook and prepare the raw materials that they use, vary. However, a large number of such traditional dishes prepared with style and raw materials are the same as in the country’s food culture and taste derived from the same population in these areas with each other. For example, yogurt soup can be noted that as one of the traditional dishes number of provinces including Fars province, is known. Women and mothers for Shiraz, Fars Province, the traditional food and delicious flavor and aroma due to the excellent, well-known and popular throughout the country, using yogurt, herbs ( Tarragon and dill), onions, peas, rice , thick yogurt, salt, black pepper, turmeric and their meat. This traditional dish is very light, and commonly referred to as food for Ramadan Iftar meal, will be considered.