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Ash anar(Pomegranate soup)

Pomegranate fruit is useful and very necessary for the body’s health. Variety of foods made with these nutrients in the diet of different areas of the country, its kind is commendable and praiseworthy. Mothers and women in various parts of the land, using pomegranate, to provide an authentic and traditional dishes have the taste, climate, culture and raw materials available in the area where they live, quite consistent and familiar. The people of this province is also no exception and cook soup with pomegranate Shirazi, one of the purest and tastiest dishes of traditional and indigenous to introduce themselves. They combine the pomegranate, rice, vegetable soup (leek, parsley, coriander, mint), split peas, onions, meat, angelica, salt, turmeric and pepper and cook this soup is delicious and tasty. In some parts of the province of Swiss chard soup, pomegranate is used in cooking.