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Shiraz foods & Sweetnes

Fars Province, forest cover and utilization of medicinal plants, climate suitable for growing various species of native fruits and vegetables, the diet is healthy and nutritious. Ladies and cooks traditional native foods and prepare and cook this part of the country is unique in its kind and it will be interesting.

Fars vegetation and forest trees, medicinal plants and industry in the country. Peanut, oak, licorice, Glgavzban, tragacanth and asafoetida of the products which are native to the province. According to statistics, and tourism officials have announced food Fars province, more than 250 local food in this province have been identified rooted in the culture, climate and lifestyle are the people of this land. Foods such as: ALOUAk soup, Esfandi POULO, dopiaza, Kateh shirazi,shirin poulo, Kalam poulo.  Shirazi coriander meatballs, eggplant lobe, Ash Banak (akhorak), lentils (For Dampokhtak) cabbage, soup, verjuice, Kvfthsbzy Shirazi,kotfeh hoolo Shirazi, Shiraz pomegranate soup, Cholet Majaky , Lavark and Rachel (for Dampokhtak) Kazerouni and that local and traditional foods make up only part of it. Read on to introduce some of the most famous and traditional cuisine will pay the province.