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Gaz souvenir of one of the famous Iranian traditional sweet snacks. Ingredients for the report of the sugar, egg whites, almonds and pistachios and cardamom and rose water is used. Some manufacturers of a substance called tamarisk that the potatoes produced Badka also use the substance lowers its nutritional value.

This original type of custom made products still contain a few percent of the extract is precious manna. Manna value usually 4 to 5 times the value of products is never normal.

But what to Gaz of identity data, and extract called honey wonderful honey or honey from shrubes of the same name that Gaz Gaz honey Khansar areas and some regions of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari obtained. Gaz honey producer, is roughly the size of a small insect mosquito that lays the stems or leaves of the tamarisk honey house. Then the juice and nectar-producing plants cultivated this. This practice, which is a natural sugar produced by the insect, which may act as producing honey bee, is not known and requires further investigation. Finally, in late September and when Vazan is crisp autumn breezes, shiny and yellow seeds such as millet honey is obtained from tamarisk trees that extract honey never say.

Sweets made in the areas of Isfahan, named tamarisk, also takes its name from the nectar secretion of Gaz psyllid is exclusively focused on this shrub settle. Gaz value of honey is that it is one of the few sugars fructose alone in nature.