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Chahar mahal clothes



Clothing Bakhtiari

Garments in all countries as a cultural element is considered as not only covering dress but of beliefs, opinions and characteristics of religious, social and even art is a nation of men and women in uniform and their children will be shown Bakhtiari is considered very important in the categories clothing color design and decorative arts, harmony and balance with the environment and the House of Assembly with age and the important point of the cultural element can be said that the clothes in the culture of Bakhtiari temperate and tropical areas or other areas adjacent to impressionable. Clothing diversity in the Bakhtiari region is different in women Kouhrang used clothing that is specific to this area, while in urban areas LORDEGAN and Ardalan Bakhtiari used in the design and sewing clothes to dress Boyer Qashqai is closer Ahmadis and these factors can have different origins and migrations of some neighborhoods can affect any area of coverage. The variety of clothing taken from the geographical diversity and artistic tastes and interests even socio-cultural environment in which influence is perhaps in the not too distant past Bakhtiari women’s clothing was the same, but the difference is over and there is diversity even in the decorative clothes such as decorative Lachak, paragraph season, Kalicheh, enamel and other parts of a perfect dress can be inspired by the creativity and mountainous nature, greenery and refreshing and sun-filled days and nights the stars; in antiquity and dates back to the clothing and comparison with other ethnic groups can be seen that this dress is very similar to other ethnic groups, women’s clothing 1. Lachak head cover and Mina Mina Lachak under the cap and with a variety of ancient coins, pearls, stone and sequin decorations and different types. Goad, Real, Shell, which is the most common type of ancient coins used rial. 2. Mina: scarf made of silk and immense proportions that are very special to spend a rectangular shape. Enamel pin firmly with one hand Lachak towards other markets were hung behind them as the season is said and then the hair stand up in front of and behind the enamel hide it under Lachak brought forth Ternat is called the hair and beads of different colors to decorate it beautifully enamel to that particular manifestation. 3. Women bathrobe Bakhtiari: shirt called Jvmh or funds this shirt is usually two around the waist and lower back Chuck is worn under the skirt of a hedge Shvlarqry name is then prepared from 8 to 10 meters of fabric is used. 4. T-shirts: on wearing a dress that is made of velvet. Also, women armband (Bazybnd) also found that the spines are colored and decorative stone. Of course it is not very common and more worn at the wedding. 5. Lower coverage: regular pants and Shoemaker is used. Bakhtiari women’s clothing colors inspired by nature. Women and young girls in their garments use light colors and colors of respect for older women because of their age Tyrhast

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