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Balochi clothes

Balochi dress, although it has changed over time, but especially the people of this region have not yet introduced Clothing is a traditional Iranian people. Balochi dress masculine and feminine.

But Baloch women wear clothing with high color variation that it all tastes in vivid colors and beautiful tale of lovers and aesthetic sense is this people. They, along with “clad” and “Pahamg” Men that have changed for women’s elegance and taste, “techo” (kerchief) and Serig (scarf) that is larger than the head of a kerchief. Women’s shoes and socks the same names. Women are from ornaments (earrings), Poalk, Poulouh, Keyg, pour (necklace), Kidd, the Sarband and Mizbery; ornaments that you can see with the Baloch women.