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Sizdah Bedar

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rituals to thirteen day Farvardin

the thirteenth day of Farvardin or the sizdah Bedar one of those days that a lot of stories and narratives was said about it being the most common and interesting anecdotes about the day, the most false Nowroz and the thirteenth day, the day is sacred ancient Iranians

Iranian people on Nowruz thirteen days to go and then the lap of nature to their leisure and play and rest. Thirteen celebrate and go to nature, though the New Year is off. Happiness and prosperity of nature and the New Year off properly deserves a special charm
But believed to be unlucky number thirteen is a superstitious belief in Iran and many countries of the world. Abu Rayhan Biruni in his book “Saralbaqyh” Not only did the curse thirteen, but it Saad and auspicious days to be considered

 The matches
Today, in villages and cities, on the thirteenth somewhat common in adolescents and youth tournaments, polo matches, horse races and wrestling examples of this. Of course the tournament today to face the past and will not be held.
tying brunette
The beautiful ceremony thirteenth day of spring, tying two brunette is stripling. Tying two stripling brunette allegory of a young man and woman is linked to the actions to the realization of this dream is embodied by the two to join together and establish a continuum of birth and rebirth and the universe is in progress
to launch brunette
In ancient Iranian family with great care and day care to Thirteen Thirteen Year of grass Easter grass to running water and transferred. In the hope that these seeds to running water and would be a blessing and fertility fields. Today, this tradition can be seen in some of the towns and villages of our country, but often, grass, flower stripling to put the plains and deserts and believe that your pain and disaster to have poured out of the house!
outing in nature
On this day each family prepares their meals of the day or night before. Early in the morning to go and feed the thirteenth lap and desert plains that include beans rice, vegetables, fish, rice, noodle soup, Coco, meatballs or … is there again.
In ancient Iranian family with great care and day care to Thirteen Thirteen flower of Easter grass, grass to running water and transferred, in the hope that these seeds to running water and would be a blessing and fertility fields
undercooked eggs and meet the need

Bijar is drawn in for lunch thirteen to in, meatballs cook and timely return from the desert every woman and girl thirteen pebbles back and the back of his head throws away the curse of thirteen! Hasanabad village Bijar draw is that in this day everyone an egg to take your mobile and afternoon thirteen, eggs cooked in a pan and one to as “Avesta” breaks the eggs. If the egg is cooked who say God is fulfilled her wish and intention to Thirteen believe that if young girls to the next to be married
In the old Kdkdv
Yazd people from the morning of April thirteenth vigorously for their special event thirteen are in preparation. Adults and youth in the desert to play polo and girls of marriageable pay the stripling grass to put together and sing

Thirteen are in, Chardh to you, to the old Kdkdv
You’ve got thirteen pumpkin, I closed the door with Table
rice with eggs and nuts
Many people fear that the curse of thirteen, thirteen days to stay home and fourteenth day of Nowruz to have fun and watch nature go. And Boroujerd in the province of Fars, the fourteenth day of April in nature and go to your mobile and thirteen thirteen eggs cooked nuts are drinking, rice and eggs, and nuts to eat; and if the eggs and nuts nothing remains, with the belief that a fourteen-day meal to the home curse will cause them to return home can not. Their eggs, and walnuts add the chopped and pour in the water.

! opens chance to rock
On this day young girls in a wooden skewer and a sharp rock on the ground smash and believe that this action until next year to go married. Green wheat in water and throw them believe their pain and curse them with water to distant goes and health and vitality to come home.