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The creation of Eid Nowruz

Nowruz, the first king of the day. Fourth and fifth century poets and writers such as Ferdowsi, element, exterior, Tabari and many other historical and mythological sources, they certainly pre-Islamic literature, from the reign of Jamshid know Nowruz.

Jamshid is also worth recalling that before the Nowruz festival held and Rayhan also that the celebration is attributed to Jamshid notes that: “The day was a new day was Easter Jamshid, although already Nowruz was great and supreme. “

The first celebration of April (calendar) will celebrate the beginning of the year and remains one of the oldest celebrations of Nowruz in ancient Persia is the ancient Ast.khastgah different parts of the Iranian plateau, and people celebrate Nowruz.

Today, the time of Nowruz, the start of spring. New Year’s celebration in Iran and Afghanistan and is an official holiday in several other countries.

New Year

Nowruz begins from the moment of the vernal equinox. In science, astronomy, equinox or the vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere of the earth to the moment it is said that the sun passes from the Earth’s equator and the north sky. The moment I called Aries, and the Solar Hijri calendar the first day (day of Hormuz or Ohrmazd day) of the month is April.

In countries such as Iran and Afghanistan Hijri calendar is used, Nowruz, New Year’s Day. But in the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus, common Gregorian calendar, Nowruz is celebrated as the beginning of spring and the beginning of the day is not counted.

Customs Nowruz in Iran

Syrian Wednesday before Norouz ceremonies: one of the rituals of the New Year today – that should be a blend of several different custom – “participating in bonfire” that in some cities last year, it said Wednesday.

Held last Wednesday, we know that in all cities and villages of Iran, is that last Tuesday night (nearly sunset Tuesday), out of the house, front, in the appropriate space, fire tion, and from home, woman, man and child to jump over the fire by saying: “My yellowness to you, your redness to me”, diseases and discomforts and anxieties of the old fire entrust the New year celebration with peace and happiness begin.

As long as the ceramic plates such as bowls and plates and jars, used at home, after cleaning, an old jug from the roofs of houses dumped on the streets;

Pots where the water was poured and a few coins. March smoking and nuts Khvdrn, presage, “listened” (in dormitories and the transition to listen and talk to passers-themed bash them for their intentions Tfavl.) And “Spoon Woman” (usually women cover their faces and with a spoon, or key in their homes, homeowners sweets, fruit or money they put in the dish.) as well as the beliefs and customs of that, especially among teenagers, yet not completely forgotten. and this traditions and beliefs are different in different cities.

To buy clothes for Eid Nowruz

Celebration of one or two months before people go to the market and the Eid clothes Khrnd.dr the past, people often have brightly colored fabrics bought the fabric and sew their own clothes it is believed that if Monday or Friday Scissors they also believed that Thursday hours while the hand remains heavy and clothes to be sewn. If thieves cut away dead Tuesday or Wednesday passion burns will also need to be changed or cleaned Home. Baking sweet bread was one of the things that must be done before the celebration of Easter.

Green wheat, lentils, cress, ten or fifteen days before the celebration takes place at home. Shiraz is usually used for this work from that of copper or zinc container and then pour the amount of grain first cheers of the Hidden Imam, respectively, after the name of their family members to.

Or cleaning and cleaning before the celebration

One or two weeks before Nowruz housekeeping and cleaning done and then moved furnishings and dust and are picked them again. In the later stages of coloring eggs that are boiled them and their cheerful colors on them.

Haft Sin and time of delivery

New Year in one of the rooms of the house to throw their way. First of all, the mirror and the Quran, and they are after the haft sin.

Haft Seen the road, garlic, olive, Wheat, coins, vinegar, herbs. In addition to candles and mirrors eggs and … Haft Seen table is laid.

Timely delivery of all household must be on the table with new clothes Espand also smoke, and each of these is philosophy. Candles for lighting homes and lives, Quran that should be at the beginning of the Lord, in addition to the New Year, the Quran will be household helper.

Visiting Nowruz

The morning begins in the spring of visits is drawing all families who meet the age and character who has an advantage over the others go and kiss him, and he also and congratulate EIDI that is to the coin, or money give. Some morning celebration that included a plate of toasted wheat: sesame, wheat, hemp, chickpea and raisins to add a plate of sweet bread with colored eggs or coins of small ones are added.

Bedar (the thirteenth day of Nowruz) on April twelve All equipment is provided and everything from sweets and nuts remaining thirteen to be ready for the morning, but lettuce with vinegar and it as well. Thirteen morning of April all headed to the mountains and gardens around the city in droves, and that on the thirteenth of April should stay at home because this day is malevolent and evil Yemen. Thirteen days before dawn and continued until late into the night on this special day vegetable tying age girls actually do this is to open your fortune.

Eid prayers

One of the rituals of celebration Eid prayers Ast.shykh Tusi (ra) said, noon and afternoon prayers he called a new day with two hi RKT four (two units of prayer) prayer after reading Surah Fatiha ten times ” so “the second units after Sura Fatiha ten times” Kaafiroon “third postures after Sura Fatiha ten times” unity “postures quarter after Sura Fatiha ten times” NAS “and” Twilight “(Mvztyn). Sugar prostration prayer at the end of Bjaavr and the Dakn to God to forgive your sins 50 years.

Cleaning and clean clothes

Another Nowruz ceremonies wearing new clothes and clean Ast.nzaft and hygiene, as well as wearing clean clothes and use perfume and fragrance whenever possible moral and social duties Nowruz

Nowruz traditions

One of the rituals of Nowruz, the gathering of all family members on the table at the moment of the New Year’s holiday

New Year time delivery of all households with new clothes sit on the table, the mother Espand smoke, one of the children lit candles, the father reads the Koran and …

Each of the Easter customs, its own philosophy; Espand mother smokes to avoid the envious evil eye, light a candle, and the life emphasis is on home lighting and large families Family members want to new year, there are parents house with candles illuminated; the Quran is read to at the beginning of the new year’s hearts toward God and the Koran called upon to lead the new year’s house helper is a constant presence and extensive Qur’an not only in travel but in all the social etiquette of Eid Nowruz marks the Iranian people according to Quran and read the Koran and kissing during the early hours of delivery, including customs of delivery.

Easter on the table, coin, rice, water, goldfish, mirror and seen the coin show of blessing and prosperity of rice, a sign of blessing and abundance of water, represents smoothness and purity and brightness, the opening work, goldfish, presage is a mirror, and the purity and honesty is for removing turbidity and Address Azsfa.

Family together after New Year and Easter cheeks on both congratulate and wish for a good year and blessed.

Visiting and giving a feast

Eid is an opportunity for bears and handle its conditions and relatives that this is also a sign of Islamic ethics and human traditions and Marzieh. From the first day of Nowruz, visiting begins. In all families it is customary for family members and Easter are beginning to see the elders of the family to congratulate them. Then they return home and wait until they are adults in their head. In this vision and feast together. In addition to Dydvbazdyd Views from relatives, friends, neighbors and family elders, met with a group of disaster victims in the past year. Of visits to day Bedar (Thirteenth New Year’s Day), continued.

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